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10 Best In Ear Headphones For 2014

My Gadget Angel takes a look at some of the best in ear headphones on the market for 2014.

Bose Sound Quiet Comfort 20i

1. Bose Sound Quiet Comfort 20i

The Bose Sound Quiet Comfort 20i earphones may be a bit pricey, but on this occasion you get what you pay for, and what you pay for is quality. They aren’t top of our list for nothing. The sound that these earphones throw out is clear and rich and the noise exterior cancelling capability will impress even the most elite reviewers.
Neat feature: With these phones you can control the way that you listen to music with a choice of modes designed to fit your environment. So if you’re on the daily commute you can block out the hustle and bustle with full on noise reduction or if you’re jogging in the park you can switch to aware mode so that you keep a balance and don’t get too lost in the music.
Price: £259.95
Manufacturer: Bose

Sennheiser IE 800

2. Sennheiser IE 800

If money is no object the IE 800 headphones from Sennheiser are a sure bet for a crystal clear earphone experience. It doesn’t get much better than this, and if it does we wouldn’t like to put a price on it. With a pair of these top of the range earphones it won’t matter whether you’re listening to heavy rock or opera these buds will deliver. It is rare that earphones produce defined vocals and deliver a heavy bass line without sounding tinny but these are no ordinary earphones. The IE 800 release from Sennheiser may be a luxury but if you are serious about your personal listening experience it is a luxury you can’t afford to miss.
Neat feature: The Sennheiser IE 800 earphones have a detachable durable cable and are fitted with gold plated connections at both ends.
Price: £599
Manufacturer: Sennheiser

Yurbuds Inspire-2

3. Yurbuds Inspire

The Inspire earphones from Yurbuds are a limited edition release which incorporates a bold design. The manufacturers claim that the buds will mould into shape for comfortable wear that will not hurt or move around, so even if you’re hitting it hard at the gym, the twist lock tips will ensure that these earphones are secure. The Yurbuds Inspire are wireless with a battery life of approximately 6 hours.
Neat features: Sweat and water resistant.
Price: $169.99
Manufacturer: Yurbuds

Sony XBA – 4

4. Sony XBA–4

Sitting pretty at the top end of Sony’s XBA range are the impressive Sony XBA-4 earphones. Unfortunately they also come with a top end price tag at £299. However for this price tag you get some high end cutting edge technology and in turn a unique personal listening experience. The stand out feature is the four balanced drive units, namely a full range driver, woofer, tweeter and super-woofer. The four units work together to provide an exceptional sound. This sort of spec is more commonly associated with the equipment used by professional musicians, but anyone who is serious about music will be impressed.
Neat feature: Hybrid Silicone buds in 4 sizes.
Price: £299
Manufacturer: Sony

Musical Fidelity EB-33

5. Musical Fidelity EB-33

A lot of headphone manufacturers seem to think it’s impossible to produce good sound, quality and style at an affordable price. The team at Musical Fidelity know that it’s possible because they have achieved it with their EB-33 release.
You would be forgiven for thinking that these buds come with a high end price because they feel expensive and produce a sound that is not normally associated with cheaper range headphones. In summary the EB-33’s offer a lot of bang for your buck.
Neat features: The EB-33’s are fitted with an inbuilt microphone, perfect for making calls on the run.
Price: £79.99
Manufacturer: Musical Fidelity

Beats by Dr Dre Tour V2

6. Beats by Dr Dre Tour V2

This list wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the excellent earphones that have come out on the Dr Dre Tour range. The latest addition features new shaped buds for a more intense experience. Like previous releases the V2 is a stylish bit of kit and backs up its good looks with a decent sound.
Neat feature: Wingtips.
Price: £119.99
Manufacturer: Beats by Dre

Klipsch Image X7i

7. Klipsch Image X7i

The Klipsch Image X7i earphones have an understated charm. Klipsch have used ceramic rather than plastic and this unusual choice of material has brought about an elegant design. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and the style of these phones and we liked that they offered something different to rival manufacturers.
Neat feature: Includes handy remote.
Price: £139.99
Manufacturer: Klipsch

Atomic Floyd PowerJax

8. Atomic Floyd PowerJax

Atomic Floyd do not make subtle designs, it’s just not how they do things and the PowerJax earphones are no exception to the rule. With bright red cables and silver and black earpieces the statement here is far from understated. So if you like bold and bright designs, the PowerJax are the earphones for you. Great looks aside, the PowerJax make for a decent listening experience. They can handle a lot of base and they are effective in terms of noise isolation.
Neat feature: Durable earpieces made from metal.
Price: £99
Manufacturer: Atomic Floyd

Nocs NS400-2

9. Nocs NS400

Here at My Gadget Angel we tilt our hats to Nocs for coming up with these seriously stylish earphones at a seriously reasonable price. The machined aluminium buds are paired with flat anti tangle cable and this design makes for a great looking set of phones. The sound is surprisingly good too, and the quality of these cheaper range earphones makes you wonder how some of the higher priced rivals can be justified.
Neat feature: Includes smart phone controls.
Price: £59.99
Manufacturer: Nocs

a-Jays One +

10. a-Jays One +

The a-Jays One + are the cheapest earphones that made their way onto our list but they deserve their place. Jays have made a decent set of ear phones that tick all the boxes, they are practical, smart and they sound good. The tangle resistant cable is a highlight and makes for easy use.
Neat feature: Additional Android App available.
Price: £39.99
Manufacturer: Jays