Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz Review

If you are looking for a super sleek advanced desktop computer, you should certainly consider Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz. It is among the hottest gadgets available in the market. The question is whether it is right for you.


The ultra slim and glossy design of the Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz desktop computer certainly makes a lasting impression on any person. If you want futuristic luxury, then this device may be the best choice for you. When it comes to technical specs, you should know that it measures 18.8 by 52.8 by 45.1 cm and weighs 9 kg.


The device features a 21.5-inch screen with resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The screen is sufficiently large to allow you to perform work tasks perfectly. You will certainly enjoy movies, videos and games as well. The resolution is superb so you will see even the tiniest details clearly. You can expect perfect dynamics, excellent sharpness and rich and diverse colors. The featured IPS technology gives you excellent view of the screen irrespective of what the angle between you and the device is.


The Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz computer features the next generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor. You will get 2.7GHz speed with this version of the model. Simply put, it is super fast. In fact, it is 70% faster than its predecessor. You can expect software tools and web pages to load instantly. You will love the seamless trouble-free performance of this device.


The AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics chipset offers advanced performance. It produces top quality HD graphics with all applications. This new devices has three times better performance compared to its predecessor. Some of the most exciting benefits that you will enjoy thanks to this advanced graphics chipset include more frames per second with 3D games and more efficient editing of videos.

Hard Drive

You will get 1TB of hard drive space. This is quite a lot for virtually any user. The not so great thing is that this hard drive working at 5,400 rpm is not as fast as some of its counterparts in the iMac series. Still, you can expect it to perform excellently. Another important thing to note is that you have several options for adding extra space.


You will get 8GB of memory with the Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz desktop computer. This is more than sufficient for the average computer user. However, if you need more, you have the option to another 8gb of RAM totalling 16GB when you purchase your Mac from Apple.

OS and Software

The device comes with the latest OS X operating system 10:9 Mavericks. You will enjoy speedy performance with great innovative features which improve the functionality of the computer even further. You will also get the iLife suite featuring the popular iPhoto and iMovie applications.

This Apple iMac 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz review finds this desktop computer to be an excellent performer in ever respect. It is reliable, durable and elegant. It comes with everything you need including a wireless keyboard.