Is Apple Releasing an Even Bigger iPhone?

A report conducted by The Wall Street Journal has sparked interest in the gadget world by revealing Apple’s plans to release two iPhones this year. According to the report the iPhone 6 will essentially consist of two models each with large screens. The first model will comprise a 4.5 inch display and the second addition will have a screen that exceeds five inches. It is understood that the standard 4.5 inch display model will replace or advance the earlier iPhone 5C whereas the larger model will rival larger smart phones on the market such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3.
So is this move encouraged by Apple losing out to rival manufacturers when it comes to larger screen phones? Well, it certainly seems the case, as the demand for larger screens is the only area where Apple fall short when compared with other smartphone manufacturers.

So what will the iPhone 6 entail, and how can Apple improve on what they have already achieved with previous smart phone releases? Well since the information broke there have been a number of rumours surrounding the iPhone 6 and new ones are likely to emerge in the run up to the launch.

One of the most interesting and plausible rumours suggests that the new model screens will be made from the ultra-strong man made material sapphire crystal. If this rumour is true the iPhone 6 screen will be incredibly tough as well as scratch resistant. Another thought on the minds of gadget lovers is the possibility of a curved screen. Apple have remained dubious about this feature up until now but it is possible that they will follow other smart phone manufacturers and opt for a curved screen to keep game and video users happy.

On the other end of the scale a more speculative suggestion is that the iPhone 6 will include an integrated solar panel which will allow the phone to be recharged via direct sunlight. Although this suggestion has some weight to it, it is regarded as wishful thinking rather than a probability.

What is probable is that Apple will use metal casing for both iPhone 6 models in a deliberate move away from plastic phones. So in overview what can we expect from the next Apple smart phone launch? Larger screens, less likely to crack and shatter than previous models, tweaked technology and tougher components. We could also see the introduction of liquid metal as a material for both casing and interior parts.

On the downside advanced technology does not come cheap and with the new and improved iPhone we are likely to see a price tag increase that is proportionally larger than the price bracket that applied to previous models, but as gadget lovers will appreciate you get what you pay for, most of the time.

Apple are yet to confirm a release date for the iPhone 6 but leaked information on the products suggests that the standard model is currently being prepared for mass production whereas the larger model is in the early stages of development.

Image: iPhone 6 concept by Martin Hajek