Canon EOS 100 D Review

This camera holds the title for being the smallest and lightest DSLR camera in the world, which will make it very appealing for those who find themselves using their camera on the go. If you are thinking of buying this camera, this review will help you decide by reviewing the four major aspects of the camera; it’s features, it’s performance and the image quality.


Do not be fooled by this cameras size. When it comes to the specifics, it matches those of some of Canon’s larger triple digit models. The resolution is the same as the EOS 700D but it’s 18mp APS-C Hybrid II CMOS sensor is smaller and thinner to fit in with its small structure.

Its sensor has an ISO range if 100 – 12,800 with a further extension available in the ‘h’ setting stretching to a huge 25,600.

It has a top end Canon DIGICS image processor that offers a burst speed of up to 4fps, which a burst dept of 28jpeg files.

It offers a 3-inch LCD screen with optical viewfinder giving you 95% coverage.

It boasts a built in flash and a hot shoe that supports Canon EX series of speed lights.

One feature that the EOS 100 D doesn’t offer is a Wi-Fi connection.


The image performance is capable of resolving lots of detail with minimal evidence of image smoothing at lower sensitivities.

Colors are vibrant both on screen and in captured images.

You are able to experiment with picture styles in order to boot aspects such as saturation.

The automatic white balance works well but leans towards warmer tones when faced with artificial light.

If a scene has high contrast, the camera struggles and will either over or underexpose automatically depending on the setting.

Noise performance works well with crisp deal at iso 400 with color decrease setting in at iso 1600.

The small screen allows for a clear view and gives usable angles when shooting from awkward angles but the screen can suffer from glare easily.

Image Quality

Images are over all very high quality.

Noise handling is very good.

Colors are a little on the dull side and this can’t be fixed through the cameras settings.

The built in flash causes no red eye and night photos come out at a very high quality.

This camera is good for beginners and with the features offered to you in spite of the cameras size, it is well worth the money.

Final Thoughts

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