Canon PowerShot S110 Review

There is a wide selection of compact digital cameras packed with advanced features and having excellent capabilities. Canon PowerShot S110 is one of the top picks in the category.


The Canon PowerShot S110 point-and-shoot digital camera measures 2.3 by 3.9 by 1.1 inches and weighs 7 ounces. It is one of the most compact and lightest devices in its class. It will easily fit into your pocket. You can take it with you anywhere. The slim design makes the gadget easier to point when you are taking pictures and this is another superb advantage. This model comes in two colors – black and white.

Features and Capabilities

The 5x zoom lens of the device covers a range 24 to 120 mm. This is the equivalent for 35 mm. You will get pretty good accuracy no matter whether you decide to take a picture of a close or distant object. The aperture ranges from f2 at 24 mm to f5.9 at 120 mm. The aperture narrows as you zoom all the way in, but the change is not very large. You will get a pretty good speed with this device, even though some of its main competitors beat it based on this component.

The lens of Canon PowerShot S110 has a control ring. You can use this feature to control not only the aperture but also other major settings including ISO, EV and compensation. You will certainly take pictures of good quality irrespective of the surrounding environment.

The 3-inch LCD screen has standard size for cameras in this category. It has a resolution of 460k dots. This is less than half of what some of its competitors have to offer. Still, it is quite decent. The touchscreen capability works quite well. It is comparable to that of smartphones.

Other notable and functional features include the easy to use flash button, which rises automatically when needed and stays put the rest of the time. You will also like the button for shooting movies and the macro button.

The camera supports Wi-Fi internet connectivity. You can easily share your photos online. You can also transfer files wirelessly to iOS and Android devices and to PC and Mac desktop computers.


It takes Canon PowerShot S110 some 2.3 seconds to power, focus and shoot. This performance time is quite good, but there are better performers as well. The sequential shot time ranges from 2.1 to 3 seconds. The device is a bit slow in this respect. When it comes to autofocus, the single-point AF feature works superbly but Face AiAF feature is not on part with it.

Image Quality

The quality of the images produced by this camera is superb. Only a few of its competitors can give you better picture quality. In general, the average camera user will be perfectly satisfied with the results. If you have a sharper professional eye and want outstanding quality, you may want to look for another device.

In conclusion, this Canon PowerShot S110 review finds the Canon PowerShot S110 to be an excellent camera for the average user looking for the perfect balance between convenience and performance.