Fujifilm HS50 EXR Review

With this camera promising users to have the world’s fastest autofocus speed, it is becoming one of the most talked about cameras on the market. If you are debating whether to buy this model, this article will review the three vital factors you must take into consideration when you look into buying any camera, the features, the performance and the picture quality.

This will help you to decide whether this camera is suitable for you.


  • This camera comes with a 42x optical zoom but on the downside is partnered with a slightly smaller sensor than that of some of the other cameras on the market. Even though it has a 16 million-pixel sensor, some of the other compact and DSLR cameras can offer you a larger sensor.
  • The maximum wide aperture is f.2.8 at the end of the optic and an excellent f/5.6 at the full 1,000 end of lens. This will allow you some freedom when it comes to dealing with lower light and shallow depth.
  • This camera comes with Optical Image Stabilization on the zoom lens, also including Super Macro which allows you to come as lost as 1cm to the subject of your photograph.
  • You can enjoy different modes with your camera such as Panorama mode, which will allow you to take wider-angle shots, and advanced mode which includes a lot of filters for you to play around with.
  • As mentioned, this camera boasts the world’s fastest auto focus speed, which promises focus up to the speed of 0.5 second due to the Intelligent Hybrid Focus System.


  • The colors displayed are bright and sharp.
  • Detail in photos taken is very high quality
  • Out of focus areas are easily rendered
  • Images are kept blur free with optical image stabilization
  • When using Super Macro, expect the autofocus to go a little slower than usual.
  • Glare is not a major problem when it comes to the high resolution screen so you can easily view any photos taken.
  • The view finder is high resolution and easy to use.

Picture Quality

  • As mentioned earlier, the colors are life like and realistic and this is reflected in the pictures printed.
  • You may find that some of your pictures will come out looking ‘cool’ but this is a problem easily fixed with the adjustment of white balance.
  • Noisy pictures are handled well through the ISO range but expect loss of detail with the use of higher settings in order to deal with the noise.

This camera is an excellent camera with superb features. The only factors that let it down are the video quality and some other usability features. However, it still remains one of the best cameras on the market with its high quality images.

Final Thoughts

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