Fujifilm X-T1 Review

In terms of retro-styled cameras the Fujifilm X-series is one of the best camera lines on the market. Since releasing the first models in the series Fujifilm have succeeded in marrying retro styling with sharp looks and advanced in-built technology that rivals other manufacturers. With the release of the latest model in the series, the X-T1, the renowned company have created a camera that incorporates an interior constructed with the latest advanced technology and they have presented it with an SLR style exterior that is classic and retro in design.
Fuji’s latest piece of kit may be considered somewhat pricey at £1,050 for the body and £1,400 if purchased with the interchangeable 18-55mm lenses but the high end price is justified by the sheer quality of this model. So what do you get for this pricey sum? Well, the X-T1 boasts the 16.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II that made an appearance last year. These components have been favoured for use in newer models since and come with a list of advantages and the combination of advanced sensor and processor technology gives the X-T1 ultra-fast autofocus performance.
So what sets the X-T1 apart from rival models? Well, the large eyepiece is arguably its most notable feature. The OLED viewfinder has a specification of 2.36 million dot resolution and a magnification equivalent to .77 x and this spec is simply unrivalled by cameras of a similar range. In fact Fujifilm claims that the magnification capability of the X-T1 is the highest for any digital camera viewfinder on the market. The average magnification range for similar cameras is around .70x or .71x, even for models with optical viewfinders, so in this respect the X-T1 is superior and has the potential to give users a view that comes close to what can be seen with the naked eye.

With earlier Fujifilm models such as the XPro-1 the design focus has been mainly concerned with handling and retro aesthetics but the X-T1 has more to it than nostalgic design: The top panel features an ISO dial to the shutter speed and exposure compensation dials and the addition of these dials can be compared to the Nikon Df release. Although the vintage-style controls may make for slower handling of the camera, the X-T1 balances this with some key modern conveniences such as built in wi-fi, movie recording capability and a 3.0 inch tilting rear-LCD screen. The camera body employs a wider grip than most previous Fujifilm cameras and this is another great benefit of the X-T1 model.
The X-T1 marries the capabilities of a D-SLR with the convenience and ease of use of a compact camera, resulting in a perfect blend of traditional handling and advanced technology wrapped up in an elegant package. The price is reasonable for a compact with interchangeable lenses and the quality justifies the cost. The latest addition to Fujifilm’s award winning series is set to impress even the most advanced photographers.

Fujifilm, £1,050