How Do I Choose the Best TV

No matter whether you are a huge sports fan or have an obsession for films, you would certainly want to buy the best TV so that you can enjoy top quality entertainment at home. The task does not seem simple given all the innovative technologies and the numerous models available in the market. However, with a little bit of practical information and advice, you should be able to make the perfect choice.

The Main Options

The two main technologies which you can pick from are plasma TV and LCD TV. Sometimes, LED TVs are considered to be a separate category, but the reality is that they are just LCD sets with LED lights. They offer better picture quality but the technology is the same.

Many experts consider plasma sets to offer much better TV watching experience, but you have to note that these models have a slightly shorter useful life than their counterparts. They are generally considered better for home cinemas and TV rooms, which tend to be darker. If you have a bright living room, you should consider going for an LCD model.

Size Matters

The 32-inch TVs are the optimal choice for traditional small living rooms. If you have a bigger room or a dedicated TV room, you should consider the 40-inch and 42-inch models. The 46, 47 and 50-inch models are suitable for home cinemas. You can calculate the ideal size for you by multiplying the distance between your seat and the TV by 0.535.

Picture Quality

Your TV should be HD ready and have a digital tuner for the best possible picture quality. When it comes to resolution, 1080p is certainly the best but 720p is also an excellent choice for the average user. 1080i is also a good choice.

It is best to evaluate picture quality yourself. Look into the brightness and solidity of colours and into the contrast between them. Check the edges for ghosting effects and halos. Evaluate the clarity of the motion too.

Sound Quality

Your TV should have a good sound without the need to purchase an audio system. The vocals should be clear and rich while the bass should be deep and well-rounded. Treble effects should be clean and smooth too. There should not be any background noises.


Smart TV – This technology allows you to connect your television set to various other devices including a Blu-ray player, a game console and a digital camera, to use various apps such as ones for vide on demand and to browse the web.

3D – If you find 3D movies, sports and documentaries to be entertaining, you should certainly consider this option. Still, keep in mind that 3D content is not abundantly available.

Finally, take your time to compare various TV sets from different brands to make the best choice.

Final Thoughts

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