How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have become a major part of our lives. Many of us are unable to function without them.

If you are looking to update your phone or are just looking for a basic model for business or keeping in touch but don’t know where to start, this article will help you in picking the perfect phone for you.

What will you be using your phone for?

This is the most important question you must ask yourself when trying to decide which phone is best for you. Once you have answered this question, your choices will be narrowed down and you will have more of an idea of what you are looking for.

For example, if surfing the internet, having a high quality camera on hand and being able to store a lot of music, photos and other files to your phone is not important to you, then choosing your phone will be slightly easier.

More basic phones will only cost up to about £60 and will have the ability to make phone calls, text messages and maybe some other features like a low resolution camera and a small memory but not much more. If you choose to go in this direction, you will also find that these types of phone have a longer battery life.

If you ARE looking for a more updated phone with all of the above-mentioned features such as Internet connection, then a smart phone is more likely to be your choice. But even then, there are a lot of possibilities. The most popular and up to date smartphones are iPhones and Androids.

The cost of buying the latest technology smart phone can cost £100+ or on average a £30 a month contract, however, there are some other options open to you if you choose to go with a less known or outdated smart phone.

They will still have a high quality screen, processor and HD video camera but you will have to compromise a lot of other features that the other smart phones offer.

What features should my phone have?

The point of keeping in mind what you will be using your phone for cannot be stressed enough when it comes to deciding what features your phone should have. If you don’t keep this in mind when you go into a store, you could be talked into buying the latest model and if this isn’t what you need, you could end up with a phone you don’t even know how to use!

If you are not interested in using the Internet, playing games or using other apps, then you do not need a phone with a large screen, look for models that are smaller and more compact.

You may have also noticed that many of the updated phones have a touch screen with limited physical buttons meaning that the keyboard is a part of the screen. If this sounds like it would be too difficult for you to use and you would prefer a phone with a more traditional QWERTY keyboard, Blackberry style phones may be more suited for you.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a new phone is when you come to decide which network you will be joining in order to use your phone, do some research to find out which network has the strongest signal in your area in order to get the most out of your phone.