HP Pavilion 500-152ea Desktop PC Review

The ideal desktop computer has to be a fast and reliable performer and to offer excellent graphics. Can the HP Pavilion 500-152ea desktop PC give you all this and possibly more. This objective and comprehensive review of the device will help you find the answer. It provides full evaluation of the major features of the model.


The HP Pavilion 500-152ea desktop PC has a compact and sleek design. It measures 38.5 by 17.6 by 36.8 cm and weighs 6.86 kg. It will fit perfectly next to or under a desk. It comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports. These features make it quite functional for people who want to do work on this computer.


The AMD A10-6700 APU is a top performer. It is quite powerful and perfectly reliable. It runs at a clock speed of 3.7 GHz. If you opt for the Turbo Core version, you will get the amazing speed of 4.3 GHz. This processor certainly beats many of its competitors in terms of speed. If you want a powerful computer for work and play, this device may be the ideal choice for you.


The APU of HP Pavilion 500-152ea features Radeon HD 8670D graphics card. It is capable of playing videos and movies in HD format. You can expect the resolution to be excellent with perfect details, sharpness and dynamics. For best picture quality, you should pair this desktop PC with a monitor matching is capabilities.

Hard Drive

You get 1 TB of hard drive space with this desktop computer from HP. This has become a standard feature now, but the room is still very large. You will be able to use all applications which you require in your work and for entertainment as well. Thanks to the good number of USB ports, you can always get extra space.


You get 8GB of ram with the HP Pavilion 500-152ea desktop PC. This is not a lot, but it is perfectly sufficient for the average user and even for some heavy users. You can be certain that you computer will be able to handle multitasking perfectly.

OS and Software

This device comes with Windows 8 operating system. As you certainly know, it is the most innovative and advanced creation of Microsoft. It is considered to be revolutionary by some experts as well. The live tiles are certainly among the most exciting feature of the new OS. You can customize them and get updated information in real time. The navigation is intuitive and quite enjoyable as well thanks to the multitude of colors.

The computer comes with several software applications. These include Windows Live Essentials, Windows Store, Internet Explorer, HP Connected Photo, Music and Games Console and Skype. Basically, you will get all the essentials automatically. If you want functional software for work like Office 2013, however, you need to get it separately.

Overall, this HP Pavilion 500-152ea desktop PC review finds the device to be a great choice for home use and for professional work as well. It gives you plenty of memory in addition to speedy and powerful performance. You can expect it to work effectively in the long term.