HTC One Review

This smart phone is getting high reviews from most technology reviewers and there is a reason.

This phone is a high contender against the other big smart phones such as the iPhone and Samsung. This review will be looking at the main points made by other reviewers in order to properly assess and review the HTC One.


A lot of reviews online have pointed out that this phone is definitely not the lightest smart phone on the market. But this does not mean that it is overweight or heavy in anyway. It is thinner than the HTC One, but it’s fully metal exterior (except for the screen and plastic band that surrounds the edge of the phone does make it slightly heavier than its competitors.

Some reviews have commented on the fact that the phone is prone to picking up scratches due to the material. However, this is something that you should be weary of with any phone and some sort of protective case should always be essential.

Another complaint is that although the visual design of the phone is very elegant and sleek, the size of the phone becomes a problem when trying to use it with one hand. Especially when trying to reach the power button which is situated at the top of the phone.


The HTC One includes a 4.7 inches HD screen, 32GB of space, Wifi and 3G/4G connection.

You will also find that the phone has build in amplifiers, beats audio and two front facing speakers. A few reviews have mentioned that the first time that the phone makes a noise can be a bit startling due to the power of the speakers.

It has a HDR mic and ‘sense voice’ which promises to make voice calls better quality but allowing users to engage in high quality phone calls is something that all good phone developers strive to include so this isn’t a boundary breaking feature.

A feature that reviewers are getting excited about is the camera. Not because it is any higher quality than any of its competitors, in fact, it is only offering a 4Mp camera at the back and a 2.1Mp camera at the front. What people are getting excited about is the way that the HTC one is changing the way we use smart phone cameras.

Where as the other competitors are concerned with the amount of megapixels, the HTC One is focusing on using LARGER pixels in order to allow for better light absorption.

The camera also allows the user to adjust the exposure, contrast, ISO levels and sharpness and due to the faster sensor, this camera allows for faster captures.


In terms of battery life, there have been mixed reviews. Some have said that the battery life is ‘good enough’ when others have complained that it hardly lasts a day. So it really depends what you are using your phone for. If you use your phone for a lot of heavy data usage, have an emergency charger on hand!

The only complaint that people are making is the size of the phone, which as mentioned before, makes it incredibly hard to use unless both hands are free!

Apart from this, the general point that people are making is that the phone is fast and easy to use with transitions between apps quick and smooth.

Overall, this phone is well worth buying and although it isn’t as popular as the iPhone or any of the Samsung smart phones, it will certainly remain a contender for a long time.