LG Smart TV Review

Advertisers promise that the innovative 2013 LG Smart TV platform is a fully equipped entertainment hub, which gives you access to tons of quality content and the opportunity to use your TV like a compute. Is this really the case? Read this review to find out.


The user interface of LG Smart TV is based on cards. The cards, which are fairly large, give you direct access to apps and other useful features. There are five default card categories Premium, Smart World and Game World, 3D and SmartShare, which lets you share content from DLNA certified devices. Generally, the user interface is intuitive and allows you to make full use of the platform’s features.

Remote Control

The Magic Motion Controller is one of the most innovative features of LG Smart TV. It combines the best features of the traditional remote control, the computer mouse and the latest gaming consoles. Its smart design and big buttons add to its appeal. It even has integrated voice control which works exceptionally well. You can use an additional virtual control panel, if the need arises.


This platform offers all the hot apps for TV entertainment including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Lovefilm, YouTube, Daily Motion and Ace Trax. There are plenty of online TV apps and practical ones like Google Maps and Accu Weather. There are Facebook, Skype, and Picasa and Twitter apps as well. You can download a range of games too. This platform scores high on the app factor.

The LG TV Remote app is highly functional and versatile. It allows you to use your Android or iDevice to control your TV. It can be used as a virtual remote control. It is also possible to stream content to the TV from the device and vice versa. This app is one of the platform’s top features.

Connectivity and Web Browsing

This platform is Wi-Fi enabled. This gives you access to various capabilities including content sharing. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection at home, you can readily use a cable.

The web browser of the platform does not differ much compared to those used on computers in terms of design, layout and features. Browsing is super easy thanks to the Magic Motion Controller.

Media Playback

Thanks to the SmartShare feature and the wireless connectivity which it has, LG Smart TV allows for fast and effortless content streaming. You can stream content from any DLNA device no matter whether it is music, video or photos. This platform is compatible with most audio and video formats.

Cloud Storage

This is a great new feature allowing you to store multimedia content online and to access it from your TV. You can also stream content and then access it from your mobile devices.

This review finds the LG Smart TV platform to be one of the most comprehensive, versatile and functional that you can choose.