Nintendo 3DS Review

If you want to enjoy 3D gaming, then Nintendo 3DS might be just the right gadget for you. Find out how good its features and performance are using this review. It pays off to do some reading before you make up your mind.

Design and Operation
Nintendo 3DS is a portable console with dual screen. It has a notebook design. The device measure 5.3 by 2.9 by 0.83 inches and weighs 8.28 ounces. It is amazingly compact and light and super comfortable to hold.

The bottom part of the notebook features the buttons which surround the screen while the screen of the top part is surrounded by the speakers. The device features dual rear facing camera and one front facing camera. The buttons are large enough and quite intuitive.

With its advanced technology, this portable gaming console offers excellent graphics which allow for thrilling gaming experience. You can expect flawless performance with no glitches. 3D gaming is the cherry on the cake.

3D Technology
While Nintendo 3DS bottom 3.02-inch LED screen with resolution of 320×240 pixels plays a role in enhancing the gaming experience, it is the 5.3-inch top one which enables 3D game play. It uses lenticular lenses which direct the light of the pixels in different directions so each eye sees an alternate pixel column. As a result, there are two slightly separated versions of the same image which give you 3D.

You can expect super fun gaming with Nintendo 3DS without the use of glasses or other accessories. Just keep in mind that the images are usually seen in depth even though some are popping out. You should not feel any physical discomfort even after hours of play.

Game Play
There are a lot more fun gaming features which you can enjoy apart from 3D game play. You can have fun with augmented reality games, which require the use of the special cards provided in the box and the built-in augmented reality app. There are plenty of 3D games as well as 2D ones, but you will not find many of the Nintendo’s all time favorites in 3D format.

The Mii Maker feature allows you to create one or more avatars which to use in the games that you play. With Mii Plaza you can invite other Miis into your game play.

You can use the front and rear cameras for making photos. There is a 3D photo feature which works well but it is certainly not brilliant. The games console has a voice recording capability as well. You will also enjoy internet connectivity with internet browsing capabilities, access to content streaming sites, special eShop and virtual console.

The conclusion of this review is that Nintendo 3DS is one of the most fun portable gaming consoles you can get.