Panasonic Lumix G6 Review

With this camera claiming to be one of, if not the best compact camera that Panasonic have created, it has a lot to offer to both complete beginners and more advanced photographers. If you are looking into buying this camera, this article will help you to decide by reviewing it’s features, it’s performance and it’s image quality.


  • The camera features a small focus assist and self-timer indicator on the front.
  • Includes Optical Image Stabilization which automatically compensates for camera shake.
  • Includes an external mic socket.
  • This camera is one of the first compact cameras to feature NFC technology which allows the user to connect your camera to any compatible Internet devices or other NFC enabled cameras simply by tapping them together.
  • The camera features a traditional shooting mode dial for easy access for different exposure modes.
  • Creative controls allows for 19 different options to experiment with.
  • Automode which makes it easy for beginners includes features such as intelligent exposure which targets the sections of the image that have a lower exposure in order to even out the whole picture and digital red eye which targets and eliminates red eye from every photo.
  • The 3 inch LCD screen on the back of the camera makes it easy to view any photos saved to the camera.


  • Intelligent resolution mode makes a standard image look like a higher resolution picture by targeting and processing different parts of the image individually to give an overall improvement.
  • The overall time to take a picture from starting up the camera to shooting an image is lower than 0.5 seconds, which is very impressive. It takes the camera 1 second to store a jpeg image, which will run in the background so you can continue to take pictures.
  • Using the screen on the back you can effortlessly scroll through images and view up to 30 thumbnails at once as well as play slideshows of your stored images.

Image Quality

  • The camera produces noise free images at iso 100 to 800 with limited noise beginning to appear at iso 1600.
  • At the default sharpening level, images can appear a little soft. However this can be changed through the camera settings or some editing on software’s like Photoshop.
  • The camera produces high quality night photographs with a maximum shutter speed of 60 seconds.

This camera matches and exceeds some of the cameras that you can find for the same price. The only aspect that lets this camera down is that in comparison to some cameras with larger sensors, the image quality is slightly lower.

Final Thoughts

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