Panasonic Smart Viera Review

The Panasonic Smart Viera system has been around for quite some time, but it has got many new features in 2013 and they certainly deserve your attention. This review on the platform will provide an objective evaluation of everything which it has to offer.

My Home Screen

This is one of the most innovative features of Panasonic Smart Viera. It allows you to view four different screens together. The Home Screen shows played multimedia content. The Info Screen is for the web browser and apps like Skype. The Lifestyle Screen gives you direct access to other apps and content. This feature is really “smart” and enhances the user experience.

Apps Screen

This screen presents the apps in card form so they are easy to browse and to access. You can also use extra widgets such as Notes and Calendar. This is a highly functional feature overall.


The Touch Pad controller of Panasonic Smart Viera TVs has a simple design and is intuitive to use. It uses voice commands. It has a voice guidance feature especially designed for individuals with visual impairments. This is certainly something which makes this platform stand out.

The optional Touch Pen controller is available with plasma TVs using the platform. It allows you to make annotations and write messages directly on the screen.


You will be able to access all of your favourite video and music content platforms via Panasonic Smart Viera. The list includes BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, Woomi, Vimeo and Dailymotion. The Shoutcast and Aupeo apps give you access to great radio content. There are also functional apps like Skype and plenty of games, even though some all time favourites are no longer available at the Viera Connect Market.

This platform has a mobile app for devices with Android 4.0 or higher and Apple iOS 5. It works quite well for content sharing, but there are some glitches, which Panasonic is reportedly fixing at the moment. The Swipe and Share 2.0 feature of the app allows you to stream content directly from a mobile device and see it on the TV. You can also use a mobile device to launch apps on the TV without using any of the controls. The Smart Calibration function lets you change the television’s technical settings remotely.

Programme Guide and Recording

The programme guide of the platform is well designed and easy to use. You have a variety of recording options to pick from. It is easy to set up recording with the use of the Touch Pad controller.

Connectivity and Web Browsing

This system uses Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless content sharing. Its browser has intuitive interface with useful features like bookmarking and convenient virtual keyboard for typing.

This review finds that Panasonic Smart Viera is an excellent smart TV platform even though it has some minor flaws.