PlayStation 3 Review

When you are looking to buy a games console, you cannot overlook the latest system of one of the leaders in the market. Sony PlayStation 3 is definitely worth your attention. It promises enhanced gaming experience and lots of entertaining extras. Find out whether it can deliver.

Design and Operation

PlayStation 3 has an ultra slim design and is more compact than its predecessor. It will certainly fit snugly under your TV or next to it. An important thing to note is that the disc drive has top loading which may cause inconvenience to gamers who are used to using the side slot.

The powerful yet quiet operation of the console will be highly appreciated by any gamer. The user interface is simple colorful and very intuitive. It is easy to navigate through the menu.

Gaming Experience

All games which you can play on PlayStation 3 are in HD format. You can expect superb picture quality with great amazing colors, thrilling contrast and superb dynamics.

The controller included in the box has a classic design with great grip for perfect control. The big classic buttons will certainly appeal to traditionalists. You can also use the portable PlayStation Vita as a handheld device for game playing thanks to its cross-play functionality. The motion-sensing PlayStation Move controller offers good performance and can give you endless hours of fun. Just keep in mind that it is compatible mostly with titles that will appeal to casual gamers.

Game Titles

Experts and passionate gamers agree that PS3 has the widest range of titles available in the market. You will enjoy plenty of exclusive titles and HD remakes of all-time favorites. There is something for everyone in the range.


PlayStation 3 plays Blu-ray discs so you do not have to buy a separate player if you want to enjoy movies with top picture and sound quality. It enables you to stream content from your personal computer. It has built-in Wi-Fi and web browser. You can access and use various content streaming online services like Netflix. It can be safely said that this games console offers the most comprehensive range of entertainment to users.

The PlayStation Network (PSN) online service gives you direct access to online games. You can also use it for buying and downloading the latest games. It also works as a social network for gamers. It is free to use. It has some security issues, but the company is working towards improving them.

Overall, the PlayStation 3 is a great entertainment system for dedicated gamers, casual gamers and families as well.