PlayStation Vita Review

What Can You Expect from this Portable Console?

As the most renowned portable games console in the market, PlayStation Vita certainly has excellent reputation. However, it is better to make your choice based on facts rather than on what others have to say. Use this review to decide if this gadget will be your new best friend.

PlayStation Vita has a rectangular design with nicely curved edges. It is 7.2 inches long 3.3 inches wide and 0.73 inches thick. It weighs 9.2 ounces. Even though it is the largest Sony portable console released so far and may seem heavy to some, it actually feels great to hold it. It gives you perfect grip and amazing comfort. This is thanks to the innovative rear Touch Pad too.

You will enjoy the classic Sony buttons like D-Pad and the circle, square, triangle and X in miniature, of course. There are no trigger buttons, however. The speakers work excellently and so do the rear and front facing cameras.

The 5-inch OLED touchscreen of the console is considered to be one of its top features. It has resolution of 640×960. It offers superb picture quality comparable to that of the retina display of the iPhone devices.


The 32-bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore process and the PowerVR Series5XT SGXMP+ graphic card of PlayStation Vita work together to give you the most exciting portable gaming experience ever. The gadget is super powerful so you can expect fact-paced and dynamic action to matter what type of game you are playing. The graphics are nothing else but excellent.

The device is equipped with a three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope underneath the screen. This allows you to enjoy intuitive game play by moving it in your hand.

One major drawback of the console is that it does not have internal storage. You need to use game cards and the proprietary memory cards, which require extra investment.

User Interface

With PlayStation Vita, you can a number of home screens layered one on top of the other for easy access. The menu is super intuitive to use. You get access to lots of great preloaded apps including ones for the popular social networks. The device is compatible with all of the most widely used audio, video and photo formats.


Experts agree that this console offers the best gaming experience you can find. The superb picture quality, the excellent controls and the firm yet comfortable grip will give you long hours of fun. You can choose from a huge selection of titles. The only drawback is that the AAA titles are not that many.

This review finds PlayStation Vita to be an excellent choice for all portable games console buyers.