Prescription For Google Glass: The Titanium Collection

When Google Glass was released Google ensured potential users that the ground breaking gadget had the design capability to work in conjunction with prescription eyewear. When Google announce that they can make something work, the company is renowned for backing it up with impressive releases and letting the technology speak for itself. Well, they have delivered, and Google Glass Explorers now have the option of upgrading to prescription lenses tailored specifically for use in conjunction with Google Glass.

The Google Titanium Collection is an initial eye wear release featuring four frame designs. As the collection name suggests the Bold, Curve, Thin and Spit frames are constructed from the material of the moment, titanium. This choice of material has helped Google to produce feather light frames that are also durable and comfortable. All four frames which are also available in two shades could pass as sleek designs offered by leading optometrists and the designers have clearly placed an emphasis on offering frames that are simple but stylish and in keeping with current trends. Although the designs for the collection were conceived in-house at Google, the technology giant has teamed up with eye care company VSP to ensure that exceptional quality is achieved.

There may only be four frame designs at present but the four styles have been cleverly crafted to mirror the many styles of prescription glasses that are common at leading opticians. Google are likely to release further additions and we are likely to see more styles and options offered as new collections are launched.

So how does it work? Well, Google Glass is simply attached to a chosen frame via small screws. It might not come as a surprise that wearing ‘Glass’ as an attachment to frames makes for a less conspicuous set up than wearing the Google Glass headgear. Apart from offering users with eye care prescriptions the opportunity to view the world through ‘Glass’, this less dramatic look is perhaps one of the main advantages of the collection. For the sake of looking slightly less space age it is possible that non-prescription wearers will favour the frames over a headband and simply opt for plane glass lenses.

All the frames in the Titanium Collection are purchased with plane glass lenses and users can then ask their optometrists to fit their prescription lenses to the frames. It is worth noting that the frames are not designed to work as stand-alone prescription eyewear as they are modified specifically to accommodate the glass and are not designed to be worn without it. Users are therefore advised to keep their prescription glasses at hand.

At present the Titanium Collection is limited to people using Google Glass under the ‘Explorer Program’. People who are accepted onto this program shell out $1,499 for Google Glass and can purchase frames at an additional cost of $225. Google are yet to announce a date but a general release for Google Glass and the Titanium Collection is expected later this year.