Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The S4 is definitely an upgrade from the S3 In a lot of ways and although this may not be apparent by just looking at the phone itself, by using and interacting with the phone, you will immediately start to get a feel of all of the tweaks and improved usability features that have been added to the new Samsung addition.


In terms of looks, the S4 looks no different to the S3, leading some people to double take and question which model they are actually looking at. Some people have made the comment that Samsung have taken a leaf out of Apples book with this upgrade by keeping the same design and making small tweaks to the internal workings of the phone instead of coming up with a fresh idea all together.

The size of the phone hasn’t changed since the S3, which means that there, will probably still be the same problem of being unable to use the phone with one hand. However what has changed is the size of the screen, which has been upgraded to 5 inches with full HD resolution.

The S4 has a more solid build than the S3, which got a lot of complaints about feeling ‘plasticy and cheap.’ The S4 is made out of faux metal and although this may feel and look better than the design of the S3, it has the downfall of being more prone to denting.

The usability of the power button and volume keys has increased since their positions have been shifted on the phone making it easier to reach and the plastic on the home key has also been upgraded since the S3 making It feel stronger and more secure.


To start off with, the S4 has a faster processor than the S3 meaning that its performance will be increased substantially.

The camera on the S4 has a lot of interesting features that bring it up a whole level from the S3. Some of these features include dual shot, animated photo mode in which you can create GIFs and eraser which lets you cut out elements of your photo or video that are unnecessary or unwanted. Although the eraser feature may be fun to play around with, it may not necessarily be the most functional feature.

The 2MP camera on the front of the phone, allows for HD video calling.

And as for voice calling, the phone also includes a proximity sensor feature for tracking how close the ear is to your phone and although this isn’t a groundbreaking feature, it is incredibly useful.

The S4 includes an infrared blaster on top of the phone, which allows you to control a number of devices including your TV, Radio etc.

The phone runs on Android 4.4.2 which allows you to customize your settings in numerous ways in order for the phone to run exactly how you want it. For example, there are a list of shortcuts that you can add to the dropdown menu in order to make opening apps you frequently use that much easier.


There haven’t been a lot of complaints in terms of usability with the s4 with top ratings coming from a lot of different reviewers.

With all of the physical buttons having been upgraded and placed in an easier place for use, there isn’t a lot to complain about.

This phone is a definite upgrade from the S3 and if you liked the S3, this is a guaranteed upgrade for you!