Samsung Smart Hub Review

The latest Samsung Smart Hub from 2013 has some new features and upgrades which enhance the functionality of the previous year’s system. Is this still one of the best platforms in the market? This review will help you find out.


The user interface of Samsung Smart Hub is organized into five panels. The largest On TV one is reserved for the content that you are currently watching. There is one for downloading movies and TV shows, another one for accessing photos, videos and music, a third one for apps and a fourth one for social networking. You can really have it all in one place and this is a great benefit.


The Smart Controller uses Bluetooth for connecting to the TV and to other devices used together with it. It has a touch pad for easy navigation. It is voice-control enabled. It is integrated to use with the video camera which the higher-end Samsung TVs come with. It is also possible to buy a traditional remote control with the brand’s TVs, but you need to take into account its limitations.


This feature of Samsung Smart Hub lets you choose from a variety of content options easily and quickly. It even learns your preferences and offers content that you may like directly. In addition to this, you have the electronic programme guide, which is well organized and simple to use. There are watch and record timers, which make planning your entertainment easy. There are various recording options to select from.


This is the software which Samsung Smart Hub uses to allow for seamless content streaming. It works flawlessly not only with other devices of the brand but also with all DLNA certified gadgets. You can easily view content from your mobile or tablet on the TV thanks to the SwipeIt feature. The platform supports virtually all audio, video and image formats.


The apps are organized in card form so they are easy to access. You can find all the common suspects like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, ITV Player, Vimeo and YouTube. The Explore 3D app gives you access to 3D content. The social network apps like Facebook, Twitter and Skype are easy to use and have special features like video calling. The choice of information apps is not that great and this is certainly a drawback.

Connectivity and Web Browsing

The platform is Wi-Fi enabled but is can use cable internet too. It is recognized as offering one of the best browsing experiences. The browser has bookmarking and page zooming features. It has an integrated Bing search engine. You can use Smart Controller’s voice commands for browsing. You can also keep watching TV and look something up on the internet at the same time.

This Samsung Smart Hub review finds the system to be one of the major leaders in the market.