Sony Entertainment Network SEN Review

It is true that Sony Entertainment Network SEN does not have as many blows and whistles as some of its competitors, but it is still quite functional and can give you the entertainment that you are looking for. Read this review to find is features evaluated in greater detail.


The user interface is quite functional as far as setting up the TV equipped with Sony Entertainment Network SEN is concerned. You can view all apps in card form. This enables the easy and quick access to them. One drawback is that you cannot organize apps into categories.


The remote control that comes with the platform has traditional design and buttons, even though it is fairly sleek. It has very voice control features but they are enabled only with the TV SideView remote control app for the system. There is a virtual control pad as well, but it is not particularly user-friendly.


There are 3 main services integrated into Sony Entertainment Network SEN. These are Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited and PlayMemories so you automatically get access to a great variety of content. You will also find most of the common apps for smart TVs like Netflix, Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Demand 5. You can use Skype and Facebook among other social networking apps. There are great information and practical apps too.

The TV SideView remote control app works with both Android and Apple iOS devices. It gives you perfect control over all the features of the smart TV system. However, you cannot view the content from the TV on the portable gadget’s screen.

Programme Guide and Recording

The electronic programmed guide of Sony Entertainment Network SEN has a simple yet functional design. It allows you to plan your TV entertainment effectively. Recording is easy to set up when you have the right hardware installed.

Media Playback

This smart TV platform supports virtually all audio and video formats that you can think of. Content streaming and playing should never be hindered.

Connectivity and Browsing

This system gives you a selection of connectivity options. You can use Ethernet or the TV’s built-in Wi-Fi. You can stream content from and to devices which are DLNA compliant. Irrespective of the option which you pick, the streaming should be flawless.

The web browser of the platform works well, even though it lacks the speed and versatility which the browsers of leading smart TV systems offer. Generally, it is easy to use for looking something up on the web or checking your email.

Overall, this review finds that Sony Entertainment Network SEN has good functionality, even though it lacks some of the more advanced features that its top competitors have.