Sony PS4 Review

After a long wait, the PS4 is finally here. Sony’s new gaming console has a lot to offer, but it’s natural to ask yourself whether it’s a truly revolutionary next generation device.


The sleek and slim PS4 console measures 275 by 53 by 305 mm and weighs 2.8 kilograms. It features a Blu-ray disk drive and two USB 3.0 ports at the front. All other connections are at the back. The design is quite functional.

Controller and Camera

The new console comes with the DualShock 4 controller. The design and shape of the new controller are close to the original, but there are some major improvements including better ergonomics. You will get dimpled analog sticks for better grip. The twin analog sticks on the DualShock 4 are further apart than you may be used to.

The shoulder trigger buttons have been extended. Perhaps the best new feature of the controller is the metal touchpad. There is a well functioning speaker. There is a light bar so that each gamer can get his/her own color indicator. One drawback of the new controller is that it has a shorter battery life than its predecessor.

The motion sensing camera of PS4 allows you to get into the game and enjoy augmented reality game play. It features a microphone with four channels as well. Although currently there are not a lot of games which make use of this camera technology.


There is a limited selection of 26 new titles available at the launch of PS4. However, there are some great hits like Resogun. At the same time, a lot of favorite PS3 games have been improved to match the new console. Just keep in mind that the new system is not backward compatible. You will not be able to play PS3 titles on it which will be a blow to anyone that doesn’t want to replace their entire game library.

Game Play

With its technologically advanced CPU and GPU, PS4 offers one of the best performances ever. You will love the sheer power which this console has. The speed is absolutely amazing and with the HD output, the graphics are sharp and dynamic. You will get superb resolution.


You can readily access the PlayStation Network (PSN) as the console is Wi-Fi enabled. There you will find all the titles and information that you require plus plenty of opportunities for socializing and having fun. PSN is integrated with Facebook and this is a major advantage. With PlayStation Plus, you will enjoy multiplayer games online.

General Features and Capabilities

The PlayStation Dynamic Menu interface is very intuitive and functional to use. You will get voice controls as well. They are practical, but they could have been better.

PS Vita is compatible with the new console and allows for remote game play. The content is streamed from PS4 to the portable console. The ‘Share’ function allows you to save and share game-play videos. Still, the sharing is limited to the main social networks and PSN.

With Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited you can enjoy music and video content at all times. The console can play Blu-ray discs and DVDs. However, it is not compatible with CDs and MP3 at least for now.

In conclusion, this PS4 review finds the console to offer superb game play and to have valuable extra features.