Sony Xperia Z Review

Many online reviewers agree that the Sony Xperia Z is a winner for Sony and that it may be the first Smartphone that they have gotten right and there are many reasons for them to think this. This review is going to go through the major aspects of the phone, Appearance, technology and usability in order to correctly analyze and review the Sony Xperia Z.


On looking at the Xperia, it is beautifully designed with a 1080p HD screen and the phone measuring at a 5.47 x. 2.79 x 0.31 inches, which does make it slightly awkward to hold in one hand.

The thickness of the phone is very similar to that of the iPhone so for anybody who is moving on from an iPhone to this one, it shouldn’t be that much of a stressful transaction on that sense.

The phone is water/dust resistant but some people are not convinced of the dust resistance promise, noting that it doesn’t protect the screen from dust more than any other phone on the market but this is not a huge bother, just give it a quick brush with the corner of your sleeve.

It weighs 146g, which means it isn’t the lightest phone on the market but this shouldn’t stop you from considering it all together!

The headphone jack is situated on the top of the phone where as the sim slot/volume control is on the right and the micro SD/ charging ports are on the left.


The phone comes with a 13MP camera which although can sometimes be slow to start is capable of taking very high quality shots through a series of different effects and settings at your fingertips. However, there is no shutter button on screen.

It contains a very powerful 1.5GHz snaprdragon krait processor, 16GB of storage and 2GB of ram.

This phone has some of the best specs on the market with Android Jellybean.


The phone comes with 5 home screens, which allow you to adjust and customize shortcuts to your favorite apps.

Using the phone is very fast due to it’s top of the range processor and most reviewers have commented on how effortlessly the phone flies from app to app.

With the touch of the button, you can open widgets to use along aside any larger apps that you may have open that will run in the background instead of overriding what ever app you may be using.

This phone has been given good reviews across the board with most dislikes being in relation to the size of the phone or to the fact that the camera is not as high quality as past camera have been coming from Sony phones but unless you plan to use your phone as a digital camera a lot, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.