Wii & Wii U Review

Should You Go for a Nintendo Games Console?

The hardcore Nintendo fans will certainly go for the brand’s games latest console or its predecessor to enjoy their favorite games and motion sensing game play. However, most buyers will need to take a closer look at Wii and Wii U to make up their mind. This review is designed to help you with this.

Design and Operation

The Wii U console is longer than its predecessor Wii but it has about the same depth. Its curved edges give it a sleeker appearance. Both consoles have simple and intuitive buttons and disc trays.

The new model works with 25GB optical discs but it is compatible with DVDs so you can enjoy your all time favorite games too. The device does not work with CameCube discs, however.

You can expect powerful yet quiet operation from both Wii and Wii U. They offer excellent graphics too. Even though the devices are excellent performers, many experts consider them not to be quite on par with their main rivals and namely Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Gaming Experience

You can enjoy games in HD format with Wii U and this will definitely enhance your game playing experience. You will find HDMI cables in the package so you can start playing high definition games straight away. Both console offer motion sensor game play. It is intuitive and a lot of fun. You should not expect any performance glitches.

The major experience enhancer, however, is GamePad, the tablet controller of Wii U. It weighs just over a pound and measure 10.2 by 5.3 inches, but it gives you super comfortable gaming experience thanks to the sufficiently large intuitive buttons and the 6.2-inch touchscreen. With GamePad, you can enjoy two-screen gaming and off-TV play. You can readily continue playing even if you have to leave the room. You can also enjoy group games with up to 5 players.

Game Titles

Wii U is backward compatible so you can enjoy your favorite Wii games on it as well. In addition, you will get exclusive titles like Nintendo Land and the AAA New Super Mario Bros. U in high definition. The library, which features plenty of third party titles, offers a huge variety of options. Some popular picks include the Call of Duty, Batman and Assassin’s Creed series.


With Wii and Wii U, you can use an internet browser plus online video and movie streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. The latest console offers the unique TVii platform which allows you to watch live TV and on-demand video and personalize your watching experience with features like sports scores and statistics and social networking.

This review finds that Wii and Wii U are good choices for the casual gamer.