Xbox 360 Review

Will this Console Give You the Gaming Experience You Want?

Microsoft is known for offering products based on innovative advanced technologies and Xbox 360 is no exception to this rule. The question is whether it will suit your gaming style, requirements and expectations. This review will help you answer this question.

Design and Operation

Xbox 360 is more compact than its predecessor. Its glossy black plastic housing gives it a super sleek look. It comes with a disc tray, which may seem an outdated and not particularly convenient feature to some. There is a more compact hard drive too, but the disc drive can cause some issues if you lift and carry the console while a disc is spinning.

The games console has powerful performance. It allows you to enjoy even the most action-packed games without any hitches. The super quiet operation of the device is one of its major advantages.

Gaming Experience

You can enjoy both traditional and high definition games on Xbox 360. You can expect good picture and sound quality and uninterrupted game play. There isn’t an HDMI cable included in the package so if you want to enhance your gaming experience, you need to invest some extra money. The controller included in the box has a classic design with sufficiently large buttons for intuitive and comfortable game play.

One of the best things about the games console is the Kinect motion control system, which is considered to be the best one developed so far. This system uses no physical accessories whatsoever, but only a camera with a depth sensor and technology for voice control. It captures and maps your movements so you can really be in the game while running, jumping, dancing, fighting or performing any other action.

Game Titles

There is a wide range of exclusive and third party titles to enjoy with Xbox 360. Some of the top exclusive titles include The Halo, the Fable series, Gears of War, Forza Motors and Project Gotham Racing. There are not many high definition remakes, however. Another thing to note is that the number of titles compatible with Kinect is still limited. One notable exception is the Dance Central series.


The console has built-in Wi-Fi. You can use online video streaming services, get apps and search the web using Bing. You can use it for storing and playing videos and music.

Xbox Live is a free service which allows you to access and play online games. The game library offers a huge number of titles. The paid version gives you the opportunity to enjoy game discounts, live chats via Kinect and media streaming.

This review finds Xbox 360 to be a very fun and functional games console to use.